Movement and Performance Training

Simple, proven and effective training method based on ancient principles and deep practice techniques.


Effortlessly perform complex movement skills, even under pressure.


Enhance fluid motion under pressure in a variety of sports including tennis, figure-skating and gymnastics to endurance sports.


Simple, proven and trusted techniques for more effortless, natural and consistent shot-making, especially under pressure.


Helping dancers and musicians to develop total immersion on stage, and deliver outstanding performances under pressure.

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What is Chi-Performance?

Chi-Performance is a simple, proven and trusted method of movement and performance training, developed by Jayne Storey since 2002 and constantly refined through her independent research and ground-breaking work with sports-people and performing artists. 

Chi simply means breath or energy!

The method is the unique application of techniques based on the ancient arts of Buddhist meditation and Tai Chi (sometimes called ‘deep practice’) which are proven by the latest research from sports-science and neuroscience to encourage the zone or flow-state of relaxed concentration and thus enhance the fluidity of complex movement, especially under pressure.

“Jayne teaches the practical application of mindfulness in sport, specifically how mind and movement should complement each other to allow performance to emerge. Her work is a bridge between technical coaching and performance, allowing athletes to deliver effective motion under pressure”. – Dr Karl Morris, Mind Coach

Listen to Jayne’s podcast interview with Dr Karl Morris (49′:19″)

You’ll find more about Jayne’s approach by exploring the website but if you wish to learn how to deliver complex movement skills in the high pressure situations of competition or when on stage , please contact Jayne directly or opt-in for the newsletter above.

Who is it for?

Chi-Performance is specifically designed to help those in sports and the performing arts deliver complex movement skills such as the golf swing, the tennis serve, triple salchow jump, half-pipe routine, piano recital and so forth in a way that is effortless. The training helps accomplish this by strengthening the mind-body connection, uniting mental game with technique so the individual and can compete and perform in the zone (also called flow). 

The training helps sports-people and performing artists: 

  • Overcome performance anxiety
  • Reduce mental interference
  • Control adrenaline
  • Get ‘in the zone’ (also called flow)
  • Deliver fluid, effortless motion
  • Excel in competitions
  • Win medals and trophies

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Jayne Storey’s Chi-Performance  method (established in 2002) is based on ancient principles from Eastern philosophy and ‘deep practice’ techniques such as Buddhist breath-centred meditation and Tai Chi; it has been verified by the latest research in sports-science and proven through the extensive feedback received from hundreds of students, to help athletes and performing artists overcome anxiety and access ‘the zone’ of relaxed concentration, sometimes called flow. The result of the training is always the effortless performance of complex movement skills which include but are not limited to the following disciplines: 

  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Gymnastics
  • Figure skating
  • Endurance and extreme sports 
  • Winter sports 
  • Dance
  • Musicianship 


Read client testimonials to see what others are saying about Jayne Storey’s Chi-Performance method.

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Just thought I’d let you know that my daily practice is going well. I’m getting a lovely feeling of power in your Tai Chi-style address position; drives getting out to 250 yards, irons going ridiculously far. Also, during 2 rounds over the weekend I finally got properly into using your breathing exercises, and was delighted with the results – lovely feeling of release through the ball in the direction I wanted it to go – so thanks so much for this, it’s a keeper!x§

David Young - 10 handicap, Rotterdam

I went round my home course in 80 on Saturday, 11 under my handicap – best ever round! Fantastic Jayne, thank you Neil – 20 handicap, Leicestershire

I found the workshop to be hugely beneficial and started to apply your principles on the range yesterday, with instant results. ‘Stand like a mountain, move like the river’ is implanted into my mind! I wish you every success with chi-performance GOLF. I certainly gained a lot from it

Stephen – 15 handicap, Essex

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