Jayne’s Storey’s Chi-Performance (Est. 2002) is a completely unique, thoroughly researched and proven system for peak performance under pressure. Clients have found success in varied pursuits ranging from golf, tennis, gymnastics, triathlon, endurance and winter sports, as well as performing arts like dance and music.

Read what clients have to say about their experience of working with Jayne:

Jayne’s coaching provides a much needed breath of fresh air, along with a fantastic insight into marrying the mind with the body. She has brought a transformation to the game of unreal proportion but only for those that have the mind-set to see it. Her coaching holds the key that unlocks our ability to perform at a higher level.

  Alan O’Meara, PGA Ireland

Jayne’s work is a fantastic addition to building and improving people’s golf games. As a former European tour player and now a coach, the fundamentals of centre, balance, softness and stability that are so important to golf, can be enhanced massively by Jayne. It is why Tai Chi and golf are such a good match! Jayne’s work and knowledge is brilliant in helping people understand motion, balance and power. All massively important ingredients of a good golf swing.

Andrew Raitt, PGA

The benefits of the mental strength and calmness that Chi-Performance SPORTS brings to my tennis is only one of the things Jayne has taught me. She has also shown me how to train more effectively in the gym for the combination of speed and stamina that tennis requires; how to harness my breathing on court; and how to gain more power from the ground through my legs and torque through my waist. As such she is improving my game in a rounded way, building mental and physical strength and presence and the efficiency and effectiveness of my movement around the court. Jayne is always thorough in researching and preparing bespoke training sessions to meet my individual needs and always positive and enthusiastic in her delivery of the sessions. She is a pleasure to work with.

Kirstie Caneparo, Suffolk Open Ladies Vets Singles Champion

I recently had the pleasure of talking with Jayne Storey about her work with golfers. I was really excited about and interested in her concepts. Several days later, I competed in a Southern Ohio PGA tournament, and decided to focus on her concept of being physically centered as I swung the club. The results were amazing, as I was able to hit 17 greens in regulation and shot an easy 69…a phenomenal ball striking round for me! The feelings of balance, centeredness, and effortless power were great to experience. I can’t wait to learn more from Jayne, as I’m sure she has discovered the secrets of peak performance golf. Paul Hobart, USPGA Golf Professional and Founder of Golfer’s World Summit

I read your first step about breathing, last night then went to bed and practiced breath control for about 20 mins. I took that  first step to the golf course this morning and shot an 89, my lowest score in nearly 20 yrs. It really works, thanks a million. Morgan Barnett

Having attended two separate courses with Jayne Storey , I truly believe it is not only how golf yet all sports should be coached. Mark Griffiths, PGA Golf Professional

I am practising your excellent instruction and it is beginning to produce results. Rusty

This really works. On chipping, too. I love your teachings. Keep up the good work. J.K

“Jayne, I had a really interesting insight into the ‘Occurring’ world last week. I played in an ‘Open’ 36 hole competition event at my local club and for some reason I just couldn’t get negative thoughts out of my head leading up to it and hey presto the world did occur as very difficult in the morning round. I was very tense and played accordingly! At lunchtime I then did a few minutes of standing meditation and suddenly seemed much calmer. Needless to say I played really well and in fact, posted the best score in the afternoon, which was great but not as valuable as the lesson I learnt!” 

Tim Hedin, 5 handicap

Jayne’s instructions on breathing and awareness techniques to activate ‘the zone’ are the missing link in the search for reducing performance anxiety among musicians and those in the performing arts. The techniques are simple and immediately effective and Jayne backs up her coaching with a profound depth of knowledge which cuts through many psychological myths. Highly recommended!  Paul Crick, Performance Confidence Coach for Musicians

Jayne has helped me in my mental preparation for races, particularly the big ones. Just before the race, I am able to focus better and control negative thoughts and nervousness. I also think the training has helped my overall physical condition, especially flexibility, balance of the two sides of the body and use of core body strength.

Amanda Heath, World Masters record holder 200m Breaststroke

Jayne very clearly debunks the myth that top athletes are experiencing ‘adrenaline rush’ when they start hitting the ball further than usual in the heat of competition.  In fact, they are in the flow-state of meditation or ‘the zone’. The impact her coaching has had on my game in only a few short weeks is more significant than the last 3 years of gym work, practice and competing on average 5 days per week. The benefit, which she does not ‘sell’ or push onto you, is that I have gained significant power and accuracy through the combination of breathing and controlling my biomechanics.  As an over-40, to go from 100mph to 105mph in three years of working-out to 112mph only through simple breathing techniques is nothing short of incredible.

John Killian, Hong Kong, 4 handicap

Dear Jayne, I was fascinated to learn more on how your Tai Chi methods and Mr Nicklaus’s philosophy on the game have similar traits. Thank you again for introducing this new approach to us and for your creative thinking.

Andrew O’Brien, Vice President, Nicklaus Marketing and Communications

Jayne, I really enjoyed your videos and your very low key way of sharing. For me your information is spot on and should be addressed with the pros as well as amateur golfers. Keep up what you are doing and look forward to working with you in the future.

Michael Hebron, PGA Hall of Fame

The parallels between the ancient forms of practice and what I’ve discovered over the past few decades of endurance sports are amazing. It’s neat that Jayne understands and writes about things I’ve experienced, but never had words to describe.

Christopher Bergland, Ultra-Endurance Athlete, Guinness World Record Holder for treadmill running and three-time Triple Ironman winner

I have played professional golf for 35 years on all the world’s stages and been fortunate enough to have won 5 times internationally. Having recently discovered Jayne Storey’s Chi-Performance GOLF method, I believe my winning days again are just around the corner. This is powerful stuff for those who commit to put in the practice!

Jeff Hawkes, European Tour Player, European Masters Champion

Jayne’s approach has opened up a whole new dimension to the way I can improve my golf. My understanding of correct posture, balance, and power is now far more refined and advanced. The positive results have been felt internally with a mental calmness, and reflected externally with a run of 4 top five finishes in my last 5 tournaments. Alex Saary, Head Coach, Golf Coaching Programme, British Olympic Association

Our daughter is an elite gymnast and had built up a psychological barrier to performing some of her gymnastics elements, so we requested Jayne’s help.  The coaching provided by Jayne helped our daughter to understand and break down this barrier after a short time, allowing her to continue practising the skills she had been avoiding.  We appreciated Jayne’s unique and holistic approach, combining controlling breathing techniques with confidence-building visualisation tools.  Our daughter now has a new-found confidence for not only her current skills but also when tackling new skills and challenges. Mark and Anna Rosteck

Using her vast experience as a Tai Chi instructor, Jayne has developed an inventive golf specific programme that will allow you to bridge that all important gap between the driving range and taking your ‘A’ game to the 1st tee. Mark Janes, Director of Instruction, Mark Janes Golf Academy, Surrey

Jayne Storey’s Chi-Performance GOLF will soon be as fundamental to the game as the grip and set-up.

Michael Wharton-Palmer, 9 time Arkansas State title winner

Jayne Storey’s Chi-Performance is the missing link in mental game training. It offers golfers a way to experience the ‘here and now’, which is invaluable in terms of concentration and relaxation.

Jamie Edwards, Director, Trained-Brain Ltd

Ancient wisdom like this must be remembered and integrated into our lives and games. As a golf professional with more than 30 years of coaching experience, I can confirm that the benefits to be gained from Chi-Performance GOLF are immediate, permanent and far reaching.

Peter Millhouse, Head Coach, La Reserva de Sotogrande

Jayne Storey’s Chi-Performance GOLF shows you simple ways to create a more powerful golf swing.

Hans Braasch, President, Golf Union of Hamburg

Every now and then someone comes along that makes a difference, seeing things from a fresh perspective, adding new meaning, achieving creativity out of knowledge while bringing inspirational new material to a well-known field. Jayne Storey is such a figurehead. The golfer now has an opportunity for change and improvement in a unique way that also manages the whole person rather than any individual part. I highly recommend you take any and every opportunity to work with Jayne using any of her programmes. Peter Hudson, President, World Golf Teacher’s Federation (GB)

I enjoyed your workshop and have begun practicing the standing and sitting, pre-shot routine and set-up that you instructed us on. I played 9 holes last Friday with no mechanical thought, only your swing feelings – focus on my navel, empty chest and rooted in my feet – and shot my best score of the year for 9 holes a 42.  I only had 3 less than optimal swings and even those were good misses!!! Clearing my mind, trusting my mechanics, and feeling my feet throughout the swing made a big difference! Thank you and I will keep you posted on my progress. Jay Platt, BACKtoGOLF, Physical Therapist, Texas

Thank you for a very interesting and informative day at Chessington on Sunday. I really think combining the elements and disciplines of Tai Chi within golf hugely beneficial and provide a definite missing link to improvement within the game. Nicky Lawrenson, PGA Professional

I found the workshop to be hugely beneficial and started to apply your principles on the range yesterday, with instant results. ‘Stand like a mountain, move like the river’ is implanted into my mind! I wish you every success with Chi-Performance GOLF. I certainly gained a lot from it.

Stephen, 15 handicap, Essex

So it happened…I played in a competition on Saturday and won it! This is the first major competition I have ever won! I shot 1 over par and won by 2 shots. I used the Standing Meditation technique on the last 5 holes when I knew I had a good score. I can’t tell you how happy I am with the way I was able to control my emotions when the pressure was on, not least of all when I birdied the last the hole by sinking a 25ft putt with my eyes closed! Jeremy, 7 handicap, Oxfordshire

I’m definitely feeling happier and calmer around the course now, thank you Jayne. Tim, 5 handicap, Essex

I went round my home course in 80 on Saturday, 11 under my handicap – best ever round! Fantastic Jayne, thank you. Neil, 20 handicap, Leicestershire

Jayne, thanks for sharing the information. It’s hard to find words for me to explain what I’m suffering from…once I was in the zone and played very well! I never managed to go there again, even with a mental coach. This is great news, meditation and the zone is the same! I will sit for 20min each day and share the outcome with you!

Anna Schwaderer, Germany

My season has changed since I started training in Jayne Storey’s Chi-Performance GOLF method. My game has improved and my handicap has come down by 3 strokes.

Paul, 9 handicap, Liverpool

I have dropped 4 shots off my golf game in the last 3 weeks by following your mantra; play golf one breath at a time, one shot at a time, one hole at a time. It’s brilliant! 

Adrian Henshaw, 15 handicap

Jayne has brought passion and dedication to her role as Inner Game Coordinator at the Berkhamsted Elite Tennis Academy. Her positivity and depth of knowledge has taken our tennis programme to a new level. 

Tyrell Diaz Stevens, Director/Head Coach, Berkhamsted Elite Tennis Academy

Dear Jayne. Since starting with you I played & won my first match today, beating my opponent by one hole with a birdie at the 18th! What it comes down to is simply I do your drills & exercises to my best ability & then just let it happen on the course. So I am trusting my mind & body together to work it out for me. That’s the best way I can explain the seismic shift that I am experiencing. It really has been a shock to suddenly strike the ball such distance & to find I am on in regulation! You really have thought all this out very carefully from the drills to the meditation & they all work beautifully. Thank you.

Christopher, 15 handicap, Surrey

Working away according to your instructions I have noted remarkable improvement in ball striking consistency. Secondly, much more enjoyment and less frustrations! I think I am getting into a new territory with a calmer mind, reproducible procedures, breathing well, and rooted in my feet, swinging round that golf ball located in the t’an tien area.

Erik Anggard, 24 handicap

Jayne, thank you. I feel I am at last beginning to ‘master’ the breathing and have hit some excellent drives and long irons which are feeling much freer. I’m also playing some super pitches off difficult lies with total freedom in medal play. 

David Cubitt, 13 handicap

Just thought I’d let you know that my daily practice is going well. I’m getting a lovely feeling of power in your Tai Chi-style address position; drives getting out to 250 yards, irons going ridiculously far. Also, during 2 rounds over the weekend I finally got properly into using your breathing exercises, and was delighted with the results – lovely feeling of release through the ball in the direction I wanted it to go – so thanks so much for this, it’s a keeper! David Young , 10 handicap, Rotterdam

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