To deliver a fluid, powerful and effortless golf swing, especially when under pressure around the course, two vital things need to be accomplished, but which are rarely addressed by the mainstream approach to coaching.

Luckily, chi-performance GOLF provides a trusted and proven solution to these issues.

First let’s define what pressure actually means.

Fred Shoemaker (author of “Extraordinary Golf”) cites the fact that no matter how good a golfer you are, a couple of bad shots in a row can crush your mental state and reduce your game to one where you are constantly on the verge of anxiety. The reason for this is because like most golfers you probably bring a whole bundle of emotions with you to the first tee, including “doubt, excitement, fear, key swing thoughts, desires and a lot of hope”.

Pressure, also known as stress, anxiety or a general feeling of ‘up-tightness’ can be anything from not wanting to feel embarrassed when you drive off in front of your friends, the anxiety of a corporate event when you haven’t played for several weeks or it might be having to play against someone who can’t help offering you advice every time you get ready to take your shot.

Jack Nicklaus once said that a big mistake many players make is that they try to swing like somebody else, to do what another golfer can do, rather than finding out what they can do well and sticking with it.

I think this is true of the majority of amateur golfers, who play “search for a swing” using the advice of their coaches, golfing friends, expert’s instructional articles and so forth – all of whom they believe know more about their golf swing than they do!

I truly believe that if you could just play with the swing you have now, the next time you go out on the course you will be more consistent, make more birdies and enjoy your game a whole lot more.

So how do you stop playing “search for a swing” and start trusting the swing you’ve got?

First, you’ll need to reduce your internal dialogue (self-interference) and secondly, you’ll need to master your bio-chemistry (adrenaline, nerves and anxiety). More on this in the next blog.


In the meantime, you can accomplish both these things quickly and easily with my online course ‘The Missing Link in Golf’s Mental Game’. Download and start training now.

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