As you probably know, the content of my blogs comes from a 30 year background in Eastern philosophy and practices such as T’ai Chi and Zen meditation, which I have researched for over a decade with a view to helping you take fewer shots on the golf course, enjoy more moments of ‘hitting it pure’ and of course, win more often.

But what are the most common dangers, regardless of your experience or level of competition that you will face during your very next game? And how can you overcome these dangers quickly and with certainty, so you can elevate your performance level once and for all?

The first danger is over-thinking….and this includes thinking about your technique and the mechanics of the swing, failing to commit to shots with conviction and confidence and second-guessing yourself on the putting green.

The second danger is trying too hard…and this includes using too much force or will-power or an overly strong intent to try and get the swing right and hit the ball where you want it to go.

The third danger is playing that well-known game “search for a swing” instead of the game you know and love as golf…need I say more?

To overcome these dangers, my advice is simple. You must learn and train to quieten your mind.

When your mind is quiet, your body can produce a more fluid and effortless motion.

When your mind is quiet you will feel more relaxed and have an internal confidence that comes from using your instincts, intuition and senses, rather than a busy mind to play this extraordinary game.

When your mind is quiet, you can make better course management decisions, you will putt more effectively, you will enjoy your golf more and as one of my students so eloquently put it, you will “feel curiously happier”.

And how do you quieten your mind? Simply by focusing on your breathing!

Yes, I know I’ve said this all before…but are you practising?

You can view the exercise as an Eastern form of meditation (Zen) and enjoy the history, philosophy and depth of this approach…or you can view it as a mind training exercise, similar to how the guys of the SAS ‘special forces’ train to stay focused and mentally tough in high-pressure situations.

It doesn’t matter how you frame it to yourself, it only matters that you practice.

Here’s a video I shot in my garden! It’s made with all the passion and belief that comes from a lifetime’s experience of helping people understand the fundamentals of fluid motion and performing under pressure.

So go to it…and leave me a comment here or underneath the video!

All it takes is 20 minutes a day, to transform your golf game forever.

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