I had the pleasure of being interviewed by world-renowned Mind Coach Dr Karl Morris earlier this week, for his Brain Booster series.

Karl and I go way back and have worked together a couple of times but it always seemed there was a disparity between his style of mental game coaching and my own path, which is to bring you ancient principles of Meditation, breathing and their relationship to effortless movement.

However, more and more mind coaches are discovering that the way to guarantee successful application of mental game techniques like re-framing, quietening the ‘inner chimp’ and visualization are all greatly enhanced through the practice of Meditation.

Here’s the link:
Effortless Power; the benefit of Meditation (approx. 49 mins)

There are LOTS of tips on developing your practice plus real-world applications whether you’re a golfer, an athlete from another sport or a performing artist struggling to master your nerves under pressure. Listen now.

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