Over the years I’ve worked with hundreds of sports-people and performing artists, many of whom suffer with nerves and anxiety which can obviously be detrimental to performance – especially when it comes to the execution of complex motion which can all but break down under pressure.

Here’s a proven solution to turn this around and deliver fluid motion when you’re on stage or in competition.

The performance of complex motion – which can be anything from playing the piano to a half-pipe routine in snowboarding to the tennis serve and of course the golf swing - depends entirely on how you handle nerves and adrenaline (and has little to do with ‘positive thinking’).

The one simple (but not easy) skill of Performance Breathing (taking mindfulness into motion) allows you to accomplish a number of things that cannot be addressed by ‘mental game’ techniques alone.

These include:

  • Controlling adrenaline
  • Lowering your heart rate
  • Loosening your muscles
  • Getting more oxygen to your brain
  • Having a strong mind-body connection
  • Quietening your mental chatter

Once you take control of your breathing and your bio-chemistry you will reduce feelings of anxiety; this in turn helps to reduce mental interference which will allow the signal for your intended motion to go directly to your motor system, increasing your timing, precision, power and fluidity.

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