If you’re anxious about your swing, or just looking for new ways to improve your performance around the course, try mastering the moment before you take your shot.

Changing your approach to focus on non-action rather than action helps you get into ‘the zone’ and experience a state of relaxed concentration, which is the ideal state from which to achieve a fluid, powerful swing.

Here’s why.

All motion originates in the mind, and fluid motion is dependent on the mind and body working in synch, yet golfers rarely analyse the quality of their swing by the quality of their mind~body connection in the gap (the moment of non-action) before the swing begins.

When you review a game you’ve recently played or you listen to commentary on television about the pros, it’s mostly a reflection on or analysis about technique. However, certain clues exist to let us know how important it is that things feel right in the gap before motion, for instance a commentator remarking that a player “didn’t look comfortable” over his putt and so forth.

Let’s look again at a phenomenon which I’m sure you are familiar with, that of hitting a beautiful, well-connected and fluid shot that takes your breath away, followed by a clumsy, ineffective topping or slicing of the ball the next time you tee-up.

Helping a student master the moment before his shot! Picture taken by Matt Harris at The Oxfordshire 

On the surface, it seems as if your swing technique has broken down, so that the moving parts of your body have come out of sequence because you’ve failed to keep your head down, haven’t rotated your shoulder fully, shortened your back-swing and so forth.

However, if you look deeper you’ll be aware that the internal processes that occurred before the pure shot and again before the clumsy shot were markedly different.

The traditional way of tackling the issue is to learn ever more about the technique of the swing (I call this ‘external practice’), maybe changing your approach or method altogether by going to another swing coach or trying more tips and tricks.

This would seem the obvious way to go about fixing your swing, which after all is a linked series of actions or movements which have somehow or other broken down because you don’t understand enough about swing mechanics, right? Wrong!

When you accept how the mind-body connection actually works – i.e. that the quality of motion begins with the quality of the stillness experienced before you take the shot, you will then be on track to reproducing a fluid, powerful and effortless swing every time.

What I’m talking about here is more than just a pre-shot routine, it’s a method of finding ‘the zone’ before taking the shot and this is why ‘internal practice’ also called ‘deep practice’ like breathing awareness, Mindfulness and slow-motion drills are vital.

This is where I can help!

As you most likely know if you’ve been exploring my website, I’ve spent most of my life studying the difference in performance when sports-people switch their focus from ‘external practice’ (technique) to ‘internal practice’ (mind-body connection) and have developed the Chi Performance method as a result.

This year I’m celebrating 30 years of Tai Chi training (OMG!) and if you’ve read the research you’ll know 10,000 hours (approx. 30 years) is the practice time needed to become a ‘master’ of any skill. Hopefully, that’s a good enough reason for you to trust me and invest time practising my method!

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