What’s the secret of effortless motion in high-pressure performance situations?

I’ve spent my lifetime training in Tai Chi and other internal martial arts where the emphasis is always on holding the balance between tension and relaxation such that a point of stillness remains within any movement.

Over the past 17 years I’ve created a simple methodology based on these ancient movement principles to help athletes and performing artists deliver effortless yet powerful and precise motion in high-pressure situations like competition and performance.

And what’s the crux of the matter?

Simply put, a quiet mind enables effortless motion.

That’s simple, but not easy!

This isn’t just ancient wisdom but has been verified by neuroscience studies (most notably by Olympic Researcher Dr Fred Travis) which confirm that the individual with the quietest mind in the gap or pause before movement begins, ultimately triumphs in competition against others who may have equal physical, athletic and technical ability but don’t have this inherent stillness in the midst of motion.

If you’re a dancer, musician or athlete and you’ve tried every which way to perform your best in competition and under pressure, yet keep coming up against nerves, anxiety and mental interference which hinder your freedom of movement, why not listen to this podcast (22:29) where I’m being interviewed by my friend Paul Crick, the Confidence Coach for Musicians.

It’s focused on helping musicians overcome performance anxiety but the fundamentals of the teaching apply to anyone seeking to deliver complex movement - golf swing, tennis serve, back-flip, jump combination, breaststroke - in a way that is fluid, powerful, effortless and precise.

To learn more about where these teachings originate, I’m offering my e-Book “Stillness in Motion – An Exploration of Tai Chi” for just £9.99

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