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Jayne Storey’s Chi-Performance SPORT is a proven approach to helping competitive sports-people reduce anxiety, get ‘in the zone’ and perform effortless movement under pressure. From gymnastics, figure-skating and tennis to extreme sports, the training is simple and effective . 

Please get in touch for details on personal tuition, team workshops and Skype coaching.

Stillness is the Master of Motion

My unique approach helps competitive athletes to:

  • Reduce self-interference (the internal dialogue)
  • Master bio-chemistry (adrenaline/anxiety)
  • Strengthen the mind~body connection
  • Deliver fluid, powerful and effortless movement
  • Get in the zone/flow-state and win!

Reaching your potential as an athlete is about doing less, not more. Keeping your thoughts quiet, your body relaxed and utilising breathing skills to maximum effect will help you enhance the quality of your mind~body connection for superior performance in the zone.

All motion originates in the stillness before movement commences and yet athletes rarely analyse the quality of their motion by the quality of their non-motion, but this is exactly where you need to focus your attention if you’re going to deliver perfect movement under pressure, whether it’s a tennis serve, jump tricks or your routine on the balance beam.

Research shows a direct correlation between peak performance and the ability to connect your mind and body in the moments before you start moving. 

Running Buddhas: Ultra-Endurance and the Spiritual Athlete

Jayne Storey examines the training the Japanese Marathon Monks of Mount Hiei undertake to perform such a feat of ultra-endurance and how you can apply some of their training to your own sport

Start Your Training Today!

The practice and application of this simple, proven approach will help you dispel anxiety, minimize mental interference, activate the zone of relaxed concentration, and deliver fluid, effortless motion to win in competition. 

Contact me to find out how my Chi-Performance SPORTS training can work for you. Coaching is available for individual athletes, sports teams and coaches at a private training centre on the Berkshire/Hampshire border. I also offer Skype programmes which can include critique/feedback of student videos.

Jayne Storey is the former Inner Game Coordinator for Berkhamsted Elite Tennis Academy, helping to accelerate the performance of junior players on and off the tennis court. She has worked with young sports-people from a variety of backgrounds including Junior Olympics (snowboarding) and has coached players at The Golf College, West Sussex.
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