Stillness in Motion – An exploration in T’ai Chi






Jayne began her Tai Chi journey in 1987, studying at the International Tai Chi Chuan Association with Master Chu King Hung, disciple of Yang Sau Chung. In 1997 she began her teaching career, which continues to the present day. She has always continued to develop her understanding of the art and from 2008 she has trained with long-term students of Yeung Ma Lee.

Jayne’s book ‘Stillness in Motion’ was originally published in 2004 by Stardrum Books. It is over 100 pages long, contains beautiful illustrations and is a practical yet spiritual insight into Tai Chi fundamentals including The Body, The Mind, Breathing, Chi, Inner Training, The Form and Daily Practice

“To move into and hold one single posture and be totally mindful of what you are doing, to the exclusion of everything else, is to do Tai Chi – although you are wholly aware of your surroundings and any activity therein you remain untouched by it and concentrate only on moving with perfect stillness. These pure Tai Chi moments are equivalent to the “zone” experienced by athletes and artists in moments of peak expression. They are the key to unlocking your potential”.


“I spent some time this morning reading your book ‘Stillness in Motion’. I really like the way you write… The parallels between the ancient forms of practice and what I’ve discovered over the past few decades of endurance sports are amazing. It’s neat to read things I’ve experienced but never had words to describe, articulated so clearly”.

Christopher Bergland, Ultra-Endurance athlete, Guinness World Record Holder for treadmill running and three-time Triple Ironman winner