Audio Course Bundle: Deep Practice for Effortless Golf – Lessons 1, 2 and 3


A collection of the first three lessons from Jayne Storey’s tried and proven training method ‘Deep Practice for Effortless Golf – A Journey of Transformation’


  • Lesson One – Deep Practice Techniques
  • Lesson Two – On the Driving Range
  • Lesson Three – Short Game and Putting

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Lesson One: Deep Practice Techniques

Learn how to quieten your mind, control anxiety and use your breathing to enter the zone of relaxed concentration. Also in this lesson, you will learn the principles of biomechanical efficiency which include deep physical relaxation for the perfect golf setup posture.

Lesson One ‘Deep Practice Techniques’ Contents:

  • Sitting Meditation (Instructions and ‘Real Time’ Practice)
  • Standing Practice (Instructions and ‘Real Time’ Practice)
  • Visual Motor Rehearsal
  • Retrospective Visualization
  • Slow Motion
  • Body Sensing
  • Self-Observation

Lesson two: On the driving range

Learn unique, deep practice drills based on the ancient Eastern art of Tai Chi. This lesson takes you onto the range for a virtual coaching session with Jayne Storey. These drills are not to be found elsewhere and are not available in the mainstream approach to golf enhancement. Instead, they are based on deep, deliberate and purposeful practice, which is proven to accelerate learning and performance.

Lesson Two ‘On the Driving Range’ Contents:

  • On The Driving Range Intro
  • Chi Kung Swing
  • Moving From the Centre
  • Swing Breathing
  • Tempo Swing
  • Yin Yang Swing
  • Fa Jing
  • Slow Motion Swing
  • On The Driving Range Wrap

Lesson three: Short game and putting

Drive for show, putt for dough! It’s a popular saying in golf and as true for tour professional as it is for the committed amateur. In your short game and around the greens it’s all about ‘feel’ and getting into the zone/flow-state before taking your shot.

This lesson is based on unique insights and timeless principles from the East that will help you to master your bio-chemistry (nerves and adrenaline), develop a strong but relaxed posture and prepare your mind for perfect ball striking, particularly when the pressure is on. We’ll also look at the role alpha-brain waves play in helping you to visualize and execute the shot you want to make.

Lesson Three ‘Short Game and Putting’ Contents:

  • Preparation is Everything!
  • The Bio-Chemistry of Performance
  • The Alpha-State
  • Awareness, Choice and Trust
  • Chain Reactions
  • Fulcrum of Motion
  • The ‘Occurring World’

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“chi-performance GOLF has opened up a whole new dimension to the way I can improve my golf. My understanding of correct posture, balance, and power is now far more refined and advanced. The positive results have been felt internally with a mental calmness, and reflected externally with a run of 4 top five finishes in my last 5 tournaments.”

Alex Saary, Head Coach, Golf Coaching Programme, British Olympic Association

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