Chi-Motion GOLF is based on simple principles of mind~body connection which have their root in Eastern philosophy and practice.

For instance, Tai Chi – the world’s most popular soft-style martial art - teaches that power is generated from the ground upwards, with leverage being the result of ground-force energy transferred from the feet and legs, up through the spine, rotated via the waist/core and finally arriving in the hands. The old adage from the Tai Chi classics states: ‘Rooted in the feet, moving through the waist, expressed in the hands’.

Moreover, as the mind and body are ultimately connected using the vehicle of the breath (an innate physical activity to which mental attention is given during meditation practice), slow and rhythmic breathing into the lower abdomen (t’an tien) not only has a profound effect on calming your thoughts and dispelling anxiety, but it can significantly impact your biomechanics and thus your ability to generate power in your swing.


Image 1:

Shallow breathing (into the upper chest) lifts the centre of gravity by making the body tight and unstable and negates the power that can be generated by relaxing and rooting into the legs.

See how easy it is to push Steve over when he’s shallow breathing!







Image 2:

Deep breathing empties the chest and allows you to ‘find your feet’, so that you can improve your lower-body stability and initiate your swing from the ground upwards, a key component of Ben Hogan’s classic golf swing.

Now Steve is more connected to the ground and can’t be so easily pushed!







Image 3:

The legs are the power-house of the golf swing, as the more energy you can transfer into the ground, the further you will drive the ball.

With a little practice Steve can use this ground-force energy in his swing!





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Photo credits: Matt Harris - I’m coaching golf writer Steve Newell at The Oxfordshire


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