Our Values

My unique Chi-Performance method (Est. 2002) is the result of 17 years independent research and development, based on 30 years personal training, professional coaching and practical experience.

The values of my brand are focused on what I can potentially offer clients and students who commit to the training:

  • A new paradigm A completely different approach to performance enhancement, which has little to do with psychology, nor learning ever more about technique, and everything to do with developing the mind~body connection, which is the real key to fluid motion under pressure.
  • A challenge Students are encouraged to practice Meditation at least once per week, plus other ‘deep practice’ techniques like attention control, body awareness, self-observation and slow motion exercises.
  • A promise Every student who has committed themselves to regular training, has seen a dramatic improvement in their performance abilities, particularly when under pressure. 
  • A new level By taking the Chi-Performance journey over a minimum of three months, students begin to master the realm of self-coaching, when an athlete, dancer or musician begins to gain such awareness that they can literally coach themselves towards ever greater realms of perfection in movement and self-expression. 
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