About Jayne Storey’s Chi-Performance

Chi, pronounced ‘chee’ (also known as Qi, Ki, and Prana) is the Chinese word for energy, life-force or breath.

The Chi-Performance method (Est. 2002) is a completely unique approach to movement and performance enhancement, based on strengthening the mind~body connection.

The method is founded on the martial arts and meditative traditions of the East, including Chi Kung (breathing exercises), T’ai Chi (a soft-style martial art) and Ch’an (Chinese Zen) Meditation. These mindful ‘deep practises’ are verified by the latest research in sports-science and neuroscience to help individuals access the zone/flow.

“The parallels between the ancient forms of practice and what I’ve discovered over the past few decades of endurance sports are amazing. It’s neat that Jayne understands and writes about things I’ve experienced, but never had words to describe.”

Christopher Bergland, Ultra-Endurance Athlete, Guinness World Record Holder for treadmill running and three-time Triple Ironman winner

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Effortless Movement

Chi-Performance offers a new paradigm on the art and science of human motion in a performance setting, which has little to do with positive thinking or sports-psychology and everything to do with strengthening the mind~body connection.

It issues a challenge to students to commit to deep practice techniques, including the bedrock discipline of Meditation and offers the promise of ensuring fluid, powerful, effortless and precise movement, during competition and performance.

The Chi-Performance coaching model is a tried, tested and proven approach to delivering effortless movement under pressure; it is the result of over 17 years independent research and development and almost three decades of personal training.

Performing in the Zone

The zone or flow-state is the experience of spontaneous excellence, issuing from a state of relaxed concentration and resulting in effortless movement.

The latest research in both neuroscience and sport-science confirms the effectiveness of my unique Chi-Performance method which is based on ancient principles and deep practice techniques proven to enhance the mind~body connection and activate the zone experience.

Research now shows that the meditative state and the zone/flow are the very same thing. 

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