Happy New Year

Let’s get 2017 off to a great start!

I’m not a fan of ‘resolutions’ as research shows they simply don’t work for most people, especially if you’re trying to break a habit or implement some big changes.

However, I am a huge fan of goals and an even greater fan of routines, things that I do every day…no matter what…which help me continually move forward in my life, sport/fitness and consistently perform at the highest level.

My typical morning routine consists of 20 - 30 minutes Meditation and around 60-90 minutes of Chi Kung or T’ai Chi practice; I also have affirmations and visualizations which I come back to throughout the day, plus I aim to run, cycle or do circuits at the gym at least 2-3 times per week.

When my daily practice and training are going well it puts me in the right state to keep creating and moving forward in my life and most significantly, the morning practice helps me run faster doing timed sprints or cycle up those steep hills without all the negative mental chatter and as such, it helps to clear my mind of limiting beliefs.

If you want to raise your performance in 2017 it’s important that you “think big” but do the small things that are going to support your efforts. Of course it’s my belief there is no greater or better daily routine than Meditation and my students around the world agree; when you train your mind for stillness and deepen your breathing, you reduce mental interference, enhance fluid motion and dramatically improve your ability to perform when the pressure’s on!

Here’s the latest project from the former ‘Buddhist Geeks’ to help you develop or improve your daily routine, whilst fully embracing that new forms of practice need to be developed in response to the digital age.

It’s a free online course *Mapping the Mindful Path* and is informed by the emerging science of Mindfulness Meditation while presenting a conceptual model (map) that can help you practice more skilfully.

Get to it! Course registration is open until the end of January and consists of videos, a workbook, training sessions and webinars.

Best regards,


P.S. I’m going to take this free Meditate.io course too, so I’ll be able to help and support you with any questions you might have, so please leave your comments…but remember…the Chi Performance model is the recognized world-leader in helping to apply Mindfulness Meditation to enhance performance in golf, sport and the arts…so if you’re a competitive athlete or performer, stay tuned to my weekly updates for your best year ever!


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