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Hi. I’m Jayne Storey, Movement and Performance Coach. I help sports-people and performing artists strengthen their mind~body connection so thay can deliver fluid, powerful, effortless and precise motion when they’re in pressure situations like competition or tournaments.

My expertise is based on 30 years’ practice and professional coaching in the Eastern arts of Chi Kung (breathing exercises), T’ai Chi (a soft-style martial art) and Ch’an (Chinese Zen) Meditation. For almost two decades I have worked with sports-people, dancers and musicians, helping them understand ancient principles and deep practice techniques for performing in the zone.

This experience is backed up with 17 years independent research and development of my unique Chi-Performance coaching modelwhich has been tried, tested and proven to enhance complex movement skills during competition, performance and in other high-pressure situations.

Find out more about my Chi-Performance methodology.

It is my life’s work to help enhance human motion in a performance or competition setting. I’ve been developing my approach since 2002 and it now makes me extremely happy to see hundreds of my clients and students across the world devote time to practice, prepare and perform to win in sport and the arts, using the principles of my unique system.

I write for a number of sporting publications including Atlantic Golf and Sports Coach and I have been featured in Cosmopolitan, The Daily Mail, The Sunday Times and on BBC television and radio. I am a former Executive Committee Member of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain. 

Find the freedom to deliver effortless movement in competition and high-pressure situations.

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If you are a sports-person or performing artist who wants to excel under pressure, beat your own personal bests, win trophies and medals or simply deliver a sublime performance in front of an audience, my lifetime’s experience as a coach brings you a simple, proven method of performance enhancement based on strengthening the mind~body connection.

I offer a completely unique service via personal tuition and group workshops. Facilities include the use of a private training centre on the Berkshire/Hampshire border and access to a prestigious golf club in Surrey. I also offer online coaching via Skype. Just get in touch for a no-obligation discussion about how Chi-Performance can help you get ‘in the zone’ and deliver effortless motion when it counts.

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