About 20 years ago, at which time I’d been practising Tai Chi for around a decade, I heard the great Jack Nicklaus say that “golf is played with the feet”. This immediately struck a chord with me as in my Tai Chi training I was learning how the art was “rooted in the feet, moving through the waist and expressed in the hands” and this started my journey towards the creation of Chi GOLF.

On exploring the contents of various golf magazines, it also occurred to me that everything a golfer needs to improve their performance can be found in the amazing art of Tai Chi, and so my life over the past 20 years has been all about extracting those essential principles and techniques to help golfers develop:

  • Balance
  • Leg strength
  • Ground forces
  • Torque/rotation
  • Leverage
  • Quiet mind
  • Awareness
  • Soft upper-body

Nicklaus was well-known for taking his time at set-up and indeed he once said that if a golfer takes their time to prepare well for the shot, including a slow take-away of the club from a solid address position, even if their swing is poor, they will still hit a good shot. If a golfer rushes their shot preparation, even if they have a good swing, the result with be less than satisfactory.

Nicklaus, the greatest of them all…

Over the years I’ve delved deeply into this phenomenon and together with the research I’ve conducted with the hundreds of players I’ve worked with, it became clear to me that the secret to the perfect shot was less about swing technique and more about the gap or the stillness before taking the shot.

Every golfer I’ve spoken to from tour professional to club player has told me that the effortless golf shot is always preceded by a mind free of extraneous thoughts and a quiet confidence that comes from not thinking too much or trying too hard.

Chi GOLF is now the definitive method to help golfers create the right internal state within their mind and body before taking the shot.

By using certain ‘deep practises’ from Tai Chi a golfer can enter the zone of relaxed concentration for their mind and a state of relaxed readiness for their body, which virtually guarantees great ball-striking, shot after shot…and it’s all thanks to my being inspired by the greatest golfer and perhaps the greatest competitor of them all, the Golden Bear!

Thank you Mr Nicklaus.

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