Here’s a new video for you; it’s all about Relaxed Power (6′:48″)

Contrary to popular belief, an address position that uses similar tension throughout the whole body will only serve to negate much of your power at impact.

Let me explain.

There’s an ancient Tai Chi principle which says, “Stand like a mountain, Move like a river”.

This is a simple way of beginning to understand how your upper and lower body need to have different qualities (almost like yin and yang) so you can create ‘opposing forces’ at address and throughout your swing.

These opposing forces – soft upper-body (the river) and strong lower-body (the mountain) - will then help you develop more torque/rotation (without disturbing your lower-body stability) and help you generate more potential energy to fire through the ball at impact.

Sounds good?

Now this isn’t mainstream golf wisdom, but it is based on ancient bio-mechanical principles from the martial arts, which have always been about creating relaxed yet devastating power using the body in the most natural, efficient way.

Relaxed Power – simple, bio-mechanical principles for effortless golf watch now!

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Thanks 🙂

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