It’s official. The chi-performance GOLF method helps golfers feel “curiously happier”.

This is the feedback I’ve received from my clients who are not only enjoying the process of getting better at golf but of being more in command of their mind and body.

The process of self-discovery and the necessary working on oneself to gain awareness and thus improvement is the only path to happiness in this extraordinary game and indeed in the game we call life.

Psychologists studying the science of happiness have long been telling us that self-development is the key to feeling better and if you can adopt this attitude towards your golf – embracing the process of learning more about yourself as well as more about the technical side of the game, you will be on your way to a deeper level of connection and gratitude for what’s possible around the course.

Happy golfers make better golfers; the zone or flow-state is an experience of ‘relaxed concentration’, appreciating the trees and the sunlight on the course, hearing the bird-song, seeing the insects buzzing around and the shadow of the pin on the green as the day draws to an end.

And what is the essential practice of happiness, the practice of freedom that is helping my clients across the world to feel better and play better? The answer is meditation; the act of sitting quietly focusing on your breathing and being connected to your body. It’s a simple, straight-forward and proven method to reduce mental interference and control adrenaline – but that doesn’t mean it’s easy or that everyone is capable of the discipline and commitment required to practice this art and this is where I come in.

With almost 30 years’ experience of practising and teaching, I can help you understand what simple meditation really is, come to value it in your golf and life, embrace the research surrounding this ancient practice and trust that you’re one of the people capable of such mastery.

I promise you, if you stop delaying and start practising this ancient art, you’ll see the difference in your game in as little as five days.

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