The Taoist art of I Ch’uan describes the process of standing still like a post or stake, which is sunk into the ground. It is a traditional form of ‘power training’ used in Tai Chi and is an extremely beneficial practice for golfers looking for more structural stability and mental relaxation.

  1. WUJI – the Infinity Posture


Stand with your feet shoulder-width wide, toes pointing slightly out. Unlock your knees and relax your lower back, allowing your tailbone to gently unfurl towards the floor. Relax your chest and start to be aware of your feet in contact with the floor. Relax your shoulders, neck and face and imagine the crown of your head is suspended from above, as if by a thread. Look one mile into the distance.

  1.  HOLDING the BALL – the Universal Post


Empty your chest more and allow your knees to bend slightly, so that you sit down into a lower stance. Stay mindful of the above postural points and keep your back straight as per Wuji. Raise your arms slowly until your palms are in line with your shoulders. Hold your arms as if you were hugging a large beach ball – keep your elbows pointing outwards and relax your shoulders.

  1.  HOLDING the T’AN TIEN – navel area


Return to a more upright posture, as per Wuji, with your knees unlocked but not bent. Slowly lower your arms and place your hands on top of your navel.


(i)    be quietly aware of your breathing

(ii)   lower your attention to your t’an tien / navel area

(iii)  fill up your footprints


At least 5 minutes in each posture, in the order shown above.

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