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Jayne Storey’s Chi-Performance ARTS helps dancers and musicians overcome performance anxiety and deliver fluid motion on stage.

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Perform under Pressure

Chi-Performance ARTS is a simple, proven and trusted way to help you overcome performance anxiety and stagefright.

It is most useful in pressure situations when performing complex movement skills in front of an audience and/or during competition.

The coaching methodology is based on ancient principles which regulate the breathing and quieten the mind, allowing you to:

  • ‘Get out of your own way’
  • Move beyond a merely ‘technically correct’ performance
  • Enter into the transcendent realm of the zone/flow
  • Deliver motion that is fluid and effortless yet precise


Jayne’s instructions on breathing and awareness techniques to activate ‘the zone’ are the missing link in the search for reducing performance anxiety among musicians and those in the performing arts. The techniques are simple and immediately effective and Jayne backs up her coaching knowledge with a profound depth of knowledge which cuts through many psychological myths. Highly recommended!

Paul Crick, Confidence Coach

Achieve Perfect Movement

Counter-intuitive as it may seem, the more you try to execute the perfect movement, the less able your body is to produce a fluid and powerful motion.

The science behind this is simple. When you overthink, the more the pre-frontal cortex captures and analyses the signals to your motor system, rendering your movements clumsy and lacking flow. This is why artists who are masters of technique and who may excel in rehearsal often fail to perform at their best during the pressure of performance.

Jayne Storey’s Chi-Performance training has been successfully used by artists from dance, gymnastics, figure skating and music to develop total immersion in their craft and to maximize artistic expression during performance.

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