Here are legendary Tai Chi Grand Master Yang Cheng-Fu’s 12 Important Points for Tai Chi. Spend some time working these ‘big ideas’ about stillness and motion into your golf practice and playing for more fluid, powerful, effortless and precise shot-making. Your comments and feedback are very welcome.

1. Complete relaxation is all important. You must relax your entire body and there should be no strength exerted anywhere.2. “To sink” means to become more stable by emptying the strength from your upper-body into your legs.

3. The substantial and insubstantial must be differentiated. Double-weighting must be avoided.

4. Your head must be straight and the spine neutral. Feel as though your head is supported by an invisible thread from above.

5. Your waist is the immovable center; the axis of all bodily movements.

6. Your hands move just like two people sawing wood; they are independent yet reliant on each other.

7. Don’t put your hands out aimlessly. be light and nimble, and then your hands will have meaning.

8. Be like a weighted doll that cannot be pushed over. Your body is light and your foot is rooted.Your center of gravity is sunk, and all energy is focused on the front point of one heel.

9. Distinguish between tenacious energy and force; when an archer shoots an arrow, the tension, not the arrow is the important thing.

10. Perform the movements slowly and evenly, as though you were drawling silk from a cocoon. Rash strength and rapid movement will break the strand.

11. When you “ward-off”, don’t go too far out; when you “roll-back”, don’t sit too far back.

12. To defeat a thousand pounds with a trigger force of four ounces, you must use correct technique.

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