Announcing a new book on golf performance

and how you can get involved.

I’m sorry I haven’t been around to support you with my regular blog and video posts for the past few weeks, but I’ve been busy planning and writing the first draft of a new book on golf performance.

So many people have written to ask me when I’m going to publish a book on my methodology so I decided to knuckle down and get it done…and I’d like your input.

Here’s the working title and premise of the book.


Mind~Body Connection and the Effortless Golf Shot

When players talk about golf, they’re not always talking about the same thing!

In fact, there are three distinct levels of the game which may or may not be familiar to you, depending on your current experience.

Level One – ‘Search for a Swing’ – This is the all too familiar game played by countless thousands of amateurs who’ve read too much and think too much about the technical side of the game but still don’t understand the basic laws about human motion – enough said about this for now!

Level Two - Hit and Miss’ – This is the ever prevalent game which is as common to the professionals on tour as it is to the competitive amateur player; it is marked by a superb round one day and a terrible round the next (sometimes these two extremes are experienced in the very same game or even when playing a single hole!) The mainstream approach to ‘fixing’ this is to concentrate on psychological methods and of course, learn ever more about swing mechanics.

Level Three - Effortless Golf’ – This is highest manifestation of the game and the elixir which keeps committed players the world over coming back to the course again and again. It’s the experience of the perfect shot, which research shows is only produced when certain internal conditions exist within the golfer (quiet mind, deep breathing, relaxed attention) BEFORE THE SHOT IS TAKEN.

This level can be achieved through the deep, mindful and purposeful practice unique to Chi-Motion GOLF which has been proven to strengthen the mind~body connection and enhance the performance of fluid motion. It has literally transformed the game for hundreds of players training in the method.

I’ll soon be announcing how YOU can get involved, share your stories about your greatest shots and how you can pre-order a copy of the book.

I’m aiming to publish early 2018 to coincide with the launch of a project I’ve contributed to, which is being spearheaded by a former Masters Champion and World Number One.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear more about your golf game, so please send me a message.

If you’d like to start training in Chi-Motion GOLF why not visit the online Shop and download my e-Book or audio programme.

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