Put some ‘chi’ in your golf swing with Chi-Motion GOLF - the original Tai Chi-based method for golf enhancement, established 2002 and used by the PGA’s member education programme since 2006

Read on for details of how you can learn the whole method, including deep practice exercises, drills and applications for your game.


Chi, which rhymes with ‘tee’, is the Chinese word for energy, life-force, or breath.

Chi-Motion is the fluidity of movement attainable with a strong mind~body connection - it is achieved through breathing exercises, meditative postures, movement drills and visualizations, to help you maximize the performance of fluid motion, especially when the pressure is on.

The Chi-Motion coaching model is based on the martial arts and meditative traditions of the East, including Chi Kung (breathing exercises), Tai Chi (a soft-style martial art) and Ch’an (Chinese Zen) meditation.


It is taught as a system of golf-specific exercises designed to help you achieve superior performance, especially when you’re under pressure.

This unique approach focuses on the following four areas of development:

1. Getting in the Zone: simple, proven methods to help you reduce mental interference and develop a quiet mind

2. Mastering Bio-Chemistry: proven ways of controlling nerves, anxiety and adrenaline to stay neutral under pressure

3. Performance Breathing: guaranteed method to overcome the ‘stress response’, for high performance in contention

4. Superior Biomechanics: advanced ball-striking skills resulting from better balance, rooting and relaxation

Let’s take a look at each of these in turn, and show how to apply the principles to your game.



Research shows the following three essentials are required in order to play golf “in the zone”:


This is a heightened state of mind~body connection in which a player focuses his/her attention in the present moment - one breath at a time, one shot at a time, one hole at a time.

It is well-known that golfers performing at the very peak of their abilities experience an increased level of alpha-brainwave activity, the same state experienced by regular practitioners of meditation; in fact, the terms “in the zone” and Zen-mind are inter-changeable and describe a similar transcendent state or experience – one which reduces the internal dialogue, thus minimizing self-interference.


A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. When it comes to your performance breaking down under pressure, the first thing to crack is not your mental game nor your swing technique, but your nervous-system, which controls both.

Anxiety itself is the result of chemical changes in the brain and nervous-system which can, in fact, be halted by controlling the ‘stress response’ and restoring the bio-chemistry to a state of calm neutrality, known as the ‘relaxation response’.

Both these states are hard-wired into your physiology and, just as you can unravel under pressure, you also have the ability to take control of your state and re-establish your equilibrium.


When you focus on your breathing, you take control of your innate ‘stress response’, which, in turn, governs your mental and emotional states of being.

Deep breathing sends increased oxygen to your brain which floods your nervous-system with endorphins, lowers your heart-rate, relaxes your muscles, increases your mind~body connection and creates a calm, yet focused state from which to setup and swing.


Balance - Tai Chi is the world’s foremost exercise system for improved balance. For the golfer this provides greater lower-body stability at setup and throughout the swing for more consistency, power and precision.

Rooting - Jack Nicklaus said that “golf is played with the feet” and, indeed, he was famous for leaving his footprints in the ground after teeing-off. Referred to in sports-science as ground-force energy, Tai Chi lowers the practitioner’s centre of gravity, enabling better contact with the ground. In golf, the more ground-force energy you have (the more rooted you are), the more potential power you will have to transfer through the ball at impact.

Relaxation - Relaxation is a key skill needed by all golfers, especially during those intense pressure moments around the course and particularly in competition, when you need to produce a good shot with commitment and confidence. Research shows the more relaxed you are, and the less you focus on ‘trying to get it right’, the more able your body is to produce movement that is fluid, powerful, effortless and precise.

Learn the complete Chi-Motion GOLF method  

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