Get involved with my latest project; it’s a book about the power of breathing awareness to transform your golf game and I’d love to hear your story!

So how is your training going?

If you haven’t started yet or you need a refresher, why not opt for one of the following!

You can get my free report ‘Breathing to Win’ and/or work with my audio programme or e-Book or simply head over to YouTube and watch my videos

Then what I’d like is your feedback please, for a new book I’m writing.

It’s all about how the simple (but not easy) discipline of Zen meditation a.k.a. sitting practice or breathing awareness has the power (if you’re consistent with your training) to dramatically reduce all that mental self-interference and emotional anxiety that is the bane of good golfers the world over.

Time and again I hear from players who’ve taken the first step of noticing their breathing and then deepening it and slowing it down as they approach the ball, prepare for the shot or step onto the green.

The result?

A better, more relaxing and enjoyable game, much lower scores and definitely more wins!

What’s your story?

Please write and tell me as I’m looking for stories, examples and anecdotes for my new book.

You can even send me a photo of your stats, your score card or your latest trophy!

Just message me here

P.S. If you have any suggestions for a book title I’d love to hear them! My working title is ‘The Breath of Golf’ but you might think of something better!

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