Jayne Storey’s Chi-Motion SPORTS offers competitive teams a simple, proven approach to collectively access the zone/flow-state and achieve effortless movement in unison, particularly when under pressure.

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Team Bonding

The coaching is extremely useful if you have difficulty playing to your potential and winning as a team in high pressure situations i.e. during contests and competitions.

The approach is based on simple, proven principles which help to control the breath, calm the nerves and quieten the mind, allowing you to:

  • Work more in unison
  • Read each other more intuiviely
  • Harmonise your collective movement

The skills and techniques taught have been used by sports teams and coaches looking for the edge in competitive situations; they can be extremely useful at half-time to regroup and focus using the zone of relaxed concentration which allows for effortless movement. 

“Jayne teaches the practical application of mindfulness in sport, specifically how mind and movement should complement each other to allow performance to emerge. Her work is a bridge between technical coaching and performance, allowing athletes to take technique and psychological concepts and turn them into effective motion”. Dr Karl Morris, Mind Coach 

Performing Under Pressure

Counter-intuitive as it may seem, the more you try to deliver the perfect performance as a team, the less able you are to read each other and know instinctively when to pass the ball etc.

The science behind this is simple. When you over-think, the more the analytical mind (pre-frontal cortex) interrupts the flow of time by holding up the signals to your motor-system, rendering your movements clumsy and lacking flow. This is why teams who are masters of technique and who may excel in practice, often fail to perform at their best during the pressure of performance. 

Jayne has written articles for various sports magazines including ‘The Cricketer’.

Chi-Motion SPORTS is verified by the latest research in neuroscience. It has been successfully used by sports-teams including cricketers and footballers to develop bonding, trust and intuition.

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