Happy New Year!

I hope things have got off to a good start for you, especially with your golf.

If you’re looking to set some goals, don’t make the mistake of following the herd mentality and setting what are known as S.M.A.R.T. goals – you know what these are: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic/Relevant and Time-Bound.

If you’ve used this approach before you probably also know that it simply doesn’t work most of the time for most people. Why? Because S.M.A.R.T goals fail to inspire us towards the achievement of our greatest potential!

Rather, why not set some D.U.M.B. goals?

Let me explain.

D is for Dream-inspired: playing the sort of golf you dream of playing, hitting those pure shots that happen from time to time when it all seems so easy and effortless, those times when you get out of your own way and with your mind and body in total synch, you hit some beautiful shots that fill you will joy and reaffirm all the reasons why you love this game so much.

U is for Uplifting: when your golf is going well it seems that everything else in your life falls into place too. I know this from my own training; if things are going right in my daily Tai Chi practice and at the gym, then I feel I’m ready for just about anything life can throw at me. Research now shows that authentic happiness is only possible when we see that we are getting better at something we love, and getting better at golf increases your overall sense of wellbeing in virtually every aspect of your life.

M is for Method-based: you might be aware that it took me over a decade to produce the Chi-Motion GOLF method (which has had various names over the years, including Chi-Power and Chi-Performance!). This method is now proven to strengthen your mind~body connection so you have 100% more chance of hitting it pure shot after shot – and that’s pretty much guaranteed, so long as you do the training. And it’s not just meditation, although that of course is a cornerstone principle of the method, which includes attention training, slow motion drills, awareness exercises and so forth, all based on ancient movement principles which were around eons before golf swing technique was even thought of!

B is for Behaviour-driven: this is all about incorporating the ‘deep practice’ exercises from Chi-Motion GOLF into your daily routine. With as little as 20 minutes practice per day, you’ll be able to take the learning onto the driving range, then to the golf course and finally into those moments when the next shot, the clutch putt is all that separates you from lifting that trophy.

So if you’re looking to make 2018 your year on the course, why not request a copy of my new brochure, which outlines all the coaching options available– in person or over the phone/Skype and via audio programme – so you have all the impetus and support you need to play the greatest golf of your life.

Just send me a message and request your 2018 coaching brochure (PDF) now!

Thanks for your continued support throughout last year and I look forward to speaking with you or seeing you soon.

Best wishes,


P.S. In case you missed it, I shot this short video over the holidays; it’s about how to be present and ‘in the moment’ when you play golf and gives details on how you can get involved with my new book ‘Breathe Golf’ by sending me stories of your greatest golf shots.

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