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When players talk about golf, they’re not always talking about the same thing! 

In fact, there are three distinct levels of the game which may or may not be familiar to you, depending on your current experience.

Level One is the all too familiar game called ‘Search for a Swing’ – enough said!

Then comes Level Two, the ever prevalent game of ‘Hit and Miss’ which is as common to the professionals as it is to the amateur; it is marked by a superb round one day and a terrible round the next (sometimes these two extremes are experienced in the very same game).

Level Three, the highest level, is that of Effortless Golf (the perfect shot, which most golfers have experienced at one time or another) and this level can be achieved again and again by any player willing to devote time to learning my unique Chi-Motion GOLF method of deep, mindful and purposeful practice – which will literally transform your game.

The Effortless Golf Shot

If you’ve ever enjoyed the experience of hitting the perfect golf shot then you’ll recall the fluid, powerful and effortless ball-striking that is possible when you’re not trying too hard or thinking too much.

These are times when you cease to dialogue with yourself about your performance and technique, and instead you play golf ‘in the zone’, swinging freely without getting in your own way.

I have worked with hundreds of golfers over almost two decades and am confident about bringing you the proven components of the effortless golf shot. With my coaching, you will be able to transform your game so that you can be more natural and consistent with your ball-striking and achieve immediate results in your game.


Book a Training Session

Chi-Motion GOLF coaching is available at the prestigious Bearwood Lakes Golf Club, Berkshire (pictured) which has been our preferred golf facility since 2012. Lessons are also available at a private training centre on the Surrey/Hampshire border. Learn the following (and more) at a time to suit your schedule:

  • Quieten your mind to access the zone/flow
  • Master your breathing for better decision-making and fearless putting
  • Control your bio-chemistry (nerves/adrenaline)
  • Engage proper biomechanics for better balance, accuracy and distance 
  • Perform your best under pressure

If you’re overseas why not learn with me on Skype? Contact me to find out more.

Having attended two separate courses with Jayne Storey, I truly believe it is not only how golf yet all sports should be coached.

Mark Griffiths, PGA Golf Professional

Introduction - Deep Practice for Effortless Golf (10’19”)

by Jayne Storey

Stand like a mountain, move like a river - an ebook by Jayne Storey

'Stand Like a Mountain, Move Like a River'

Lessons in Effortless Golf based on 30 years Deep Practice Training

e-Book by Jayne Storey (includes two bonus PDFs, ‘Tai Chi and Golf Biomechanics’ and ‘Zen Mind, Sports Mind’)

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