Actually, it’s a game of mind~body connection!

Here’s a quick video I shot at the beautiful Bearwood Lakes earlier this week, following an interesting conversation with a student.

More than any other sport, the margin of error in golf demands that your mind and body are in perfect synch. Otherwise the intention for where you want the ball to go, will not match the outcome of your shot.

Most coaches in the mainstream talk about ‘the mental game’ as if the mind plays the game of golf – it doesn’t! More often than not, the mind gets in the way of superior performance; but if you understand this, you’re half way to connecting your mind and body and closer to the effortless shot.

Mind-Body Connection for Golf (3′:44″)

Sorry the picture’s a bit shaky; I was holding my selfie-stick in my hand while talking! If it bothers you, just listen without watching! 

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