“The mind cannot control movement. But a mind that is connected to the body can and will enable the performance of movement that is fluid, effortless and precise”.

Here’s an extract from my latest piece for Atlantic Golf & Lifestyle Magazine

You can’t think your way to the perfect golf shot; this is something that happens only when the controlling influence of the mind is subdued. If you follow my work you’ll know I’m a great advocate of traditional Zen meditation, a practice which helps to tame what’s often called the ‘inner chimp’ through the process of focusing on the breath.

This is the simplest and most direct way to activate the mind~body connection. It creates a sensory feedback loop between your attention (mind) and your breathing (body) and so conjoins thinking with feeling, your mental state with your swing.

Conversely, the more the mind tries to take control and organize movement, the more you try to “get it right”, the more tension arises in the body and the less fluid and accurate your motion.

Again, the mind cannot control movement. It’s not fast enough to keep up with the tens of thousands of neurons, slow and fast-twitch muscle fibres and tendons all firing at the right time, in the right sequence to create the correct chain of events that allows for the 1.8 seconds of one of the most complex movements in all of sport…the golf swing.

Yet how often have you tried to think your way through a shot and wondered why it didn’t turn out the way you wanted?

Read the full article in Atlantic Golf & Lifestyle Magazine, Issue 3, pages 28-29

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