Chi-Motion ARTS

Jayne Storey’s Chi-Motion ARTS offers performing artists a simple, proven approach to overcoming nerves and anxiety, access the zone/flow-state and achieve effortless movement, particularly when under pressure.

Please get in touch for details on personal tuition, group workshops and Skype coaching.

Perform Under Pressure

My coaching is extremely useful if you have difficulty in high pressure situations i.e. when performing in front of an audience or during contests and competitions.

The approach is based on simple, proven principles which help to control the breath and quieten the mind, allowing you to:

  • Reduce negative self-interference
  • Control performance anxiety and get in the zone
  • Perform your routine effortlessly and without fault

The skills and techniques taught have been used by artists from the worlds of dance and music, to develop total immersion in their craft and maximize artistic expression during performance.

“Jayne’s instructions on breathing and awareness techniques to activate ‘the zone’ are the missing link in the search for reducing performance anxiety among musicians and those in the performing arts. The techniques are simple and immediately effective and Jayne backs up her coaching with a profound depth of knowledge which cuts through many psychological myths. Highly recommended!” Paul Crick, Performance Confidence Coach for Musicians

Achieve Effortless Movement Under Pressure

Counter-intuitive as it may seem, the more you try to perform a perfect routine, the less able your body is to produce movement that is fluid, powerful and effortless.

The science behind this is simple. When you over-think, the more the analytical mind (pre-frontal cortex) interrupts the flow of time by holding up the signals to your motor-system, rendering your movements clumsy and lacking flow. This is why artists who are masters of technique and who may excel in rehearsal, often fail to perform at their best during the pressure of performance.

Chi-Motion ARTS is verified by the latest research in neuro-science. It has been successfully used by dancers and musicians to develop total immersion in their craft and to master performance anxiety. Contact me to find out how this unique training can work for you!

Conversations In Confidence podcast (Episode 2) Jayne Storey with Paul Crick

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