Jayne Storey helps to explain why your practice swings can be fluid and feel effortless, but when you step up to the ball and swing ‘for real’, everything changes…for the worse!

Have you ever had this experience on the golf course?

You’re about to take your shot and you do a couple of easy, slow tempo practice swings with a beautiful rhythm and a lovely balanced finish, but when actually you take the shot, your swing changes and all the faults you’ve tried so hard to correct, come back with a vengeance?

If you’re a golfer with a pulse, whether you’re a tour player, a coaching professional or committed amateur we all know what the answer is!

The mainstream approach to fixing this problem is of course to have more swing lessons or read more tips and tricks online or in the golf media and try to understand more about the mechanics, the angles and the geometry of the swing because then perhaps you’ll ‘get it right’?


If you’re as frustrated with this situation as many of the golfers who contact me are, this short video (5′:51″) might help.

A New Look at Your Golf Practice Swings

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